Over 35 years of combined experience in YOUR industry, helping hundreds of businesses succeed. This is Polymath3.


Polymath3 is a young albeit experienced company specialising in digital marketing. We also provide support with business consulting and offering digital products to assist with the development of your team.

Our number 1 goal is to relieve you from the pain of the unknown in digital marketing so that you can return your focus to nurturing a constant flow of customers for your business.

We are fulfilled when our clients are financially stress-free and can rest assured, even with their business operations on autopilot.


Honest to
the very core.

The only thing that matters!

Insightful with varied detail.

Always keeping an open mind.

Transparent in every outlook.

Clarity in thought & practice.

with a cause.

We know Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Brains at the heart of Game


Troy MacLean

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Our creative guru and all round nice guy, Troy has been in the industry for 15+ years. He thrives in the nitty gritty of the business and possesses a knack for developing innovative business strategies.
Troy built his craft in campaign design but now thoroughly enjoys helping companies build their brand identity and drive traffic through their door.


Carla Talia

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The heart and soul of our organisation. Carla managed a state portfolio of 30 clubs with great success. running operations for the company whilst being a full time mum. Carla has years of experience in driving team performance, sales and marketing campaigns, managing stakeholders and driving growth in a franchise over multiple locations.


Jasmine Schillert

Co-Enthusiast & Chief Marketing Officer

Jasmine has been working in fitness since 2009 and has done everything from gym floor training to owning her own gym. During that time, she has worked with multiple brands. Her passion lies in sales, marketing, leadership, culture and driving revenue.She often mentions that marketing is the key to having a sustainable, growing business.

Our vision is to support, educate and inspire fitness business owners. We will be the ultimate resource in driving customers through the door and retaining them for our clients.


Polymath3 is a company that has grown organically. Over time, after working with many brands, P3 recognised the pressures increasingly mounting on business owners, managers and personal trainers. P3 realised the need to provide help to these actors in the industry.

From here, P3 started consulting and advising businesses on how to build operations, drive sales, understand marketing and ultimately, develop their financial IQ.

With demand for these skills growing, we witnessed the birth of P3.


to empower.

Creating champions of tomorrow!

to scale.

Knowledge is the key.

to grow.

Scale till you reach the stars.

Retain to celebrate.

Same feather, flock together.

We are a performance-focused digital agency, committed to identifying, executing, and delivering on marketing that drives real growth. P3 is committed to making every strategy for our clients awesome.

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